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The Prettiest Little Club On Lake Simcoe

Hawkestone Yacht Club - The Prettiest Little Club On Lake Simcoe

Lobsterfest in Review

What a great day! What else can be said?

The day started with Paul & Joanne and their “Lobsterfestites” preparing the grounds for the arrival of our special guest, all the way from the east coast, Mr. Lobster. Getting the fire ready; setting up the pot; Moving picnic tables; and sculling all the strawberries. I get tired just thinking about all they did in preparation! When the da man with the steel drum arrived and the huge lobster pot was boiling, we all knew it wouldn’t be long.. Mr Lobster made his arrival, looking so good in his nice reddish/orange outfit, and we all lined up for our fair share of the main event. What an event it was.. With the Jamaican Music in the background it turned out to be The Best Lobster I’ve enjoyed in a long time! But wait… It didn’t stop there. The strawberries and whip cream.. Oh the strawberries and whip cream! The tunes continued on longer than planned and it seemed Mr Music Man was getting into it just as much as all the members dancing on the beach! Thanks to Paul, Joanne, all the volunteers, the LCYC members who made the trip across the lake, and all of you who sent me some pictures for this Blog. What a great it was!

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