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Hawkestone Yacht Club - The Prettiest Little Club On Lake Simcoe

Best Commodore’s Ball Ever

hams - JoanThe evening was off to a spirited start even before the 18:00 start time as many eager members gathered just as the doors opened. After navigating the reception table to check in, pick up their door prize tickets and their cash or cheque returns, it was off to mingle with friends, old and new. By 19:00 the buffet tables were being loaded and folks asked to find their seats. At this time Cheryl Reid was asked to say a few words of blessing and thanks before dinner. With some help from the Commodore, the lineup for eats went smoothly and soon all were tucking into some delectable food. Many of us were very happy to see the seafood salad/antipasto make a return appearance as it was a favourite last year.

While lingering over delicious desserts, the business of handing out rewards Racing awardswas kicked off by Mariesa and Richard Tielen. The Friday night Beer Can race results were:

  • 1st Place: Colin Bolen
  •  2nd Place: Les Galicinski
  •  3rd Place: Jim Robinson

Pretty good going to the Robinsons to take 3rd the first season with a new-to-them boat.
We then heard from Cheryl Reid who announced the ‘Veronica’s Cup’ winner. This year the number of boats who tried this do-it-yourself race course was up and the winner was Les Galicinski. V Cup AwardThat man certainly knows how to get the most out of his boat!
Commodore AwardNext on the agenda was the announcing of the recipient of the Commodore’s Award, 2014. When Ron Marsh’s name was announced, he received a standing ovation. It would seem the membership agreed with the choice.



An addition to the list of presentations was next. Pat and Frank Belchamber presented Mariesa and Richard Tielen with a mysterious box to open. When all was uncovered, it was found to contain his grandfather’s cuckoo clock—and it was in decidedly better shape than the last time he had seen it. If you aren’t aware of the story behind this, stop by Richard’s picnic table next season, or the Belchamber’s, and either will be happy to regale the tale.

It was then time to turn the band loose. They cranked out some lively tunes to get the crowd up and working off those yummy desserts.

During the first break the band took, the business of drawing for door prizes was undertaken. This took some time as the table was loaded with goodies provided by members and a number of boat-related businesses. Thanks to all who contributed prizes.

This continued to well into late night as the crowd slowly drifted home to massage some tired feet and the realization of one of the best Commodore’s Balls became a warm memory. If you weren’t one of the 95 attendees at this year’s blast, better plan to make it to next year’s event.

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