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Hawkestone Yacht Club - The Prettiest Little Club On Lake Simcoe

LCYC -Pork Ribs and Chicken BBQ Day

LCYC_Boat_Dock_x333LCYC and HYC present reciprocal dinner get-togethers every year. (It was already a long-standing tradition when Pat and I joined HYC in 1991.) Its always a lot of fun and it is a major factor in the close relationship enjoyed by both clubs.

It was a hot, sunny day as we set sail for our annual LCYC Dinner party. Winds were generally light and patchy, but we got in a good sail for an hour and a half before re-starting the iron jenny.

There were 11 boats in all from HYC. Five of us rafted to the wall with a spider web of lines while two or three were in slips and the balance tied to the wall across the canal.

We were each greeted warmly by LCYC members who helped guide us to our moorings and welcomed us ashore. Doug & Marilyn Hunt and their crew of helpers had set out munchies and an impressive vat of rum punch to get the party started.

Building on the Pam Am theme, Pan Simcoe games had been organized. The games opened with a barbecue starter relay to light the torch. There was a nautical memory game, a water balloon toss, and an air balloon event. Team HYC won the games with 2 golds and a silver.

Dinner this year was chicken and ribs with a variety of salads and desserts. The meal was excellent.

As the evening progressed we moved to the screened balcony to escape the mosquitos and keep the conversation flowing. It was a very warm and humid evening, and it was wonderful to have such a comfortable place to sit and chat.

Breakfast featured a wife saveregg with sausage or ham casserole plus muffins, bagels, toast and so forth. It was a great start to the day and another opportunity to chat with our LCYC friends before heading back out to sea for the voyage home.

The sail back was a brisk close reach on port tack. Some boats made it back on one tack. We could not quite clear 8 mile point despite a gradual wind shift in our favour as the day went on. Our fleet was scattered across the lake, making it a very pretty sight.

We look forward to LCYC joining us for our Beef bbq on Aug 15.


Made the Bahamas

I’m guilty!!!!

Totally hooked on both CS’ta Time & Serenada’s blogs. It is extremely interesting how each boat approaches their reporting of experiences during the journey. It doesn’t matter whether they are sailing together or apart, both writings create an amazing picture but together, it paints a vivid picture of the lifestyle. For me, it is a little like the TV series “24”; as all the aspects inter twine and how they can be so close at times and yet far enough to miss each other.

I digress but this is one of those moments..

Both boats are in the Bahamas and they missed each other by hours. If you recall, Serenada had made the crossing almost a week ago and was lying in Bimini. Saturday they decided to slip at 10am with a group of other boats (pointed towards the Exumas) to take advantage of the good weather. Guess what? The weather window was so good, CS’ta Time decided to make the jump from Miami and landed in Bimini on Sunday around 9am. They missed each other by just 11 hours!

You can read CS’ta Time’s crossing here:

CS’ta Time OdysseyWe went to bed last night at 2030 and had the alarm set for 2300. I slept off and on. Jorge didn’t. We readied the boat for the crossing, putting away things that had shaken loose earlier in the day, doned the personal beacons, lift jackets and tethering harness.

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Serenada’s last report towards the Exuma’s is here:

Gil Duquette & Diana Ruhe on SERENADAI have some catching up to do, for although we’re ‘connected’ when we’re within range of Batelco towers, I’ve discovered that the speed of their service is on island time too, mon.Photo downloads? uploads? take forevveeerrrr, so I’ll likely be cutting back on those Anyway, from where we last left off…..

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