Hawkestone Yacht Club

The Prettiest Little Club On Lake Simcoe

Hawkestone Yacht Club - The Prettiest Little Club On Lake Simcoe

HYC Winter 2014

As Rett and I prepare for our vacation in the south, a trip to check on the boat today was in order. After just cleaning Spanish Point off a couple of weeks back, who would have thought it needed it again. Sure am glad I wen up, for there was almost as much snow on the boat as they was the last time!

If you have not been up to the club in the last little while, it will really surprise you how much snow is up there. The following are some shots I took from the iPhone today:

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Do you have any winter shots of the club? Send them off to me and we’ll add them to the gallery 🙂



Kind of Magic – Reports In

Kind of Magic has come out of stealth mode for her latest report – Report #11 – Dec 22, 2013 to Jan 8 2014 – Warderick Wells Cay to Staniel Cay to Black Point, Great Guana Cay,Exumas, Bahamas


Life Aboard Kind of MagicReport #10 – Dec 12 to Dec 21, 2013 – Northern Exuma Cays to Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park Before we left Nassau Dec 12 we stopped at BASRA – Bahamas Air-Sea Rescue Association – and bought 2 baseball caps and made a donation.

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Winter Guests


HYC Is not only a beautiful summer home for most of us, it can also be an absolute wonderland during the winter months…

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With the colder than normal weather also came a couple of guest to add to our current furry friends. There are two dredging boats that have taken refuge for the winter at Hawkestone. The one boat has returned for a second year and another has joined it for it could not make to her normal winter tie up.

The two otters we last seen in the west end of the harbor and were last seen having fun on the ice that was starting to form.

Overall, there is just short of 2 feet of snow on the ground at the club and with all the snow in the trees it is quite pretty..

Annapolis Road Trip

Kim & Jorge Genth  are currently anchored in Annapolis, MD. as they continue their 2 year cruise to the Caribbean. (Kim has created an amazing blog, http://cstatimeodyssey.blogspot.ca, of their travels and blogs every day!)

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They are anchored in the middle Annapolis in Spa Creek and Rett & I thought it would be a real life experience to visit them during the boat show. We headed out on Wednesday and after a 9 1/2 hour drive made it to their dingy dock just as it started to rain which continued until Saturday when we left to come home. Talk about true life cruising!

After amazing appetizers, drinks (beers & a couple of bottles of wine)  and dinner on board, we decided to crash for the show started at 10am and we wanted an earlier start to the day.

Thursday was VIP day at the show. For those that have never been to a large boat show, you pay about 2 1/2 as much for a ticket for opening day but it is worth of it because the crowds are usually much much smaller and you can get through the entire show in a single day if you wish. Well worth the extra fee.

We awoke to more rain and had a wonderful breakfast on board before bailing the water out of the dingy. We lent our car to Jorge in return for a drop off & pickup at the show. Having not packed a lot of rain gear, it was a great trade for it meant we started the show dry. We spent the entire day at the show and called up our personal taxi (Jorge) around 5:30pm for pickup and dingy back to the boat for, you guess it, more appetizers, wine and dinner :)

It pour all night and we awoke to you guessed it…. more rain (lol) but it did not dampen our spirits a single bit.

Kim & Jorge joined us Friday at the show so after breakfast we tendered to the show and tied up at the dingy dock.  The trip to the show was about 15 minutes by dingy and we ended up tied up 2 minutes from the show entrance. Annapolis is such a boat friendly city that it seemed there are almost as many dingy docks on Spa Creek as there are mooring balls. Have never seen anything like it!

We split up at the show but met for lunch at an old ’50s diner for lunch and then cruised (no pun intended) back to the show and managed to accomplish all that we set out to do. I don’t think that I have ever seen so many large (40-70′ average size) sailboats in on place as there were there. There were both mono hulls and catamarans on display and tents and tents of exhibitors showing off their wares. There was a 90 footer with a 38 foot beam… Quite the experience to see how the other side lives. Having worked so many trade shows throughout my working career, I really felt sorry for all the vendors who trouped on despite the rains and more rain. I take my hat off to you all!!!

After the dingy ride back, we had appys & drinks with their friends, Lyn & Sally, that they meet along the way. They have a beautiful Freedom 40 and plan to spend the winter in the Bahamas. Extremely wonderful couple! Rett & I had planned to take our host out for dinner in appreciation for having us aboard CS’ta Time so we made our way to Mike’s Crab House (http://www.mikescrabhouse.com) who have the best crabs in Maryland. The four of us manage to devour 2 dozen of them. The waiter, Randy, was amazing and because it wasn’t that busy, he showed us the proper clam eating techniques. He also told us that we needed to be patience and enjoy for crab eating is a real social event. He was so right.. Great meal with great friends and lots of laughs. Best dinner in a long time!

Saturday we got up with a little sadness in the thoughts of having to start our trip back home. We managed to say all our goodbyes, bail out the dingy (yes still raining), pack the car and hit the road around 10:30am and set up the GPS for the trip home. My GPS has Ozzie Osborne for the voice and Ozzie got a little confused, think he must have gotten into the suds a little early that day, and took us through every back road from Annapolis to Baltimore. He landed us smack downtown where there was some walk, run, bicycle event going on and every street he wanted us to go down was closed for the event. We feed Ozzie lots of coffee and reset his trip calculations and he manage to get us into sun and 25c warmth for the entire trip home. What beautiful country north of Harrisburg, PA! We stopped at the information stop as you enter PA and they gave us some maps just in case Ozzie decided to hit the sauce once more.

In northern PA, there is a state park that has a huge gorge they call The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. We decided what the hay and drove the 1 1/2 hours off the path to see the gorge. Even though it just about drove Ozzie crazy, it was well worth the little side excursion. We managed to get home around 11:30pm to a hot shower and night cap and awoke to, you guessed it, rain.

Thank you so much to Kim & Jorge for having us. It was such an amazing experience and great time! We wish you good weather, good winds and amazing times for the remainder of the trip. One never knows.. Many we might return for more time on CS’ta Time before your journey ends?

Letter from a prospective new member

Harbor View

Harbor View

  In looking for the ideal central Ontario location to moor our sailboat, my husband and I immediately fell in love with the picturesque marina in Hawkestone, Ontario. Hawkestone is a private Yacht Club on Lake Simcoe, surrounded by hills and forest on all sides, making it truly a gorgeous location be it from which to sail, or even just enjoy a serene picnic. With a relatively small number of slips and given the overall quality of this marina, it is not surprising that there is a waiting list of two to three years. Making this an even more discerning location, an executive committee has the final say as to who does or doesn’t become a member of this prestigious club.

If we were not transferred to Ottawa this summer, Hawkestone would have been an option to consider for the reasons listed above, as well as the fact that the driving distance from Barrie is about 20 min.

Overall, the Hawkestone members are friendly and genuinely welcomed us as we prepared our boat for transfer to Ottawa. We are looking forward to a few sunnier weekend afternoons in Hawkestone to wax our boat and then off to Britania we go!!